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The incoming Committee of the Association shall elect each year, from among its members, a Competitions Committee of five persons consisting of a Hon. Secretary/P.R.O. and others. The function of this Competitions Committee shall be to do all things necessary for the successful and profitable running of competitions.

(a) The Committee may arrange and conduct such competitions as it considers desirable or necessary and lay down conditions for same.

(b) The Committee may arrange competitions for the selection of individuals and/or teams to represent the Association in Inter-Club or other competitions.

(c) The Committee may give permission to other Associations or bodies to hold competitions on their waters.

(d) Full records of the results of competitions and fish caught throughout the year for the various Trophies shall be kept by the Honorary Secretary so that a composite record will be available as required.

(e) Committees in charge of Competitions may refuse the entry, or deny the right to take part, of any Competitor who fails to produce a current Membership Ticket on request, immediately before the start or at other
reasonable time’s subject always to the aggrieved person's right of appeal as set out in Rule 4 (e).